UltraViewer is a Windows utility software application


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  • Category Remote access
  • Program license Free
  • Version 6.5
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by UltraViewer

UltraViewer is a Windows utility software application developed by DucFabulous Research; it is expressly intended to be a remote access and control client to facilitate IT support and troubleshooting, but it can also be used for other purposes. This is a free application that many IT support and PC repair technicians recommend to their clients, and it offers a few advantages over competing solutions.

How UltraViewer Facilitates Tech Support

Let's say you are a self-employed professional or a small business owner who works from home. If your primary Windows workstation is giving you problems, UltraViewer can become a valuable tool in terms of getting things back to normal. Remote tech support is a common service these days, and if you already have UltraViewer installed, it is possible to eliminate the need for you to take the PC to a shop or have a technician visit your home office.

UltraViewer is ready for action as soon as the installation wizard and initial configuration are completed. Each time the app is launched, a new set of credentials is generated for the purpose of enabling a tech support agent to remotely access and control your Windows computer. As long as the host computer is able to connect to the internet, UltraViewer will grant the remote technician granular control over the operating system for troubleshooting and fixing issues.

The beauty of UltraViewer is its commitment to tech support. When you contact a help desk or IT shop and mention that UltraViewer is installed, this is like music to the ears of technicians because they know that direct access will be granted without having to go through screen-sharing sessions or entering confirmation commands. Once the technician has control, a chat window and a file transfer utility are enabled for the rest of the session, which can be quickly toggled or terminated by the end user at any time.

UltraViewer Security

The temporary credentials generated by UltraViewer for remote control sessions are protected by an encryption layer; this is important when working on Windows computers compromised by malware such as key loggers and rootkits. This username/password combination will only work on a per-session basis. All the actions of remote technicians can be viewed by the host, and the session can be terminated at any time.

This utility is often loaded onto USB flash drives and DVDs or CD-ROMs used to rescue computers. A portable version of UltraViewer can be launched from a zip file contained in a Windows boot disc; although this version does not have full functionality, it can still grant safe remote access.

As previously mentioned, UltraViewer can also be used for non-IT troubleshooting situations like file sharing and messaging, but there are far better applications for those specific purposes. Unlike competing apps such as TeamViewer, which is marketed as a Swiss Army knife of remote access software, UltraViewer is better off being used for solving Windows issues.

UltraViewer Pros

  • Always free.
  • Allows messaging and file sharing.
  • Encrypts session credentials.

UltraViewer Cons

  • Could use extra features.
  • Portable version has limits.
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